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Happiness Is Already Within You

The key to unlocking it is reaching within and seeing what is causing your distress, and learning how to change how you automatically react with emotional clarity, improved coping skills and enhanced mindset.

Hi, I'm Anna

In my part time private practice I work with adults in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia via telehealth to help them overcome the following issues:  major life changes/transitions , perinatal (pre, current, and post pregnancy), trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety and panic disorders, managing stress and emotions, chronic insomnia, end of life, low self-esteem, and more.

I hold my PMH-C (Perinatal Mental Health Certification) and greatly enjoy working with the perinatal population.


I am also CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) certified via Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs' program developed at Harvard Medical School. 

My clients are at the heart of my work, and my practice was born from the desire is to help people feel empowered, fulfilled, and happy in their lives no matter where they are in their journey. My goal for all the services I provide is to work collaboratively with clients in creating a life worth living. At the heart of my practice is the belief in the potential for every individual, despite their circumstances, to live a meaningful,  joyous life.

I welcome clients of all backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths, sexual orientations and gender orientations.


If Not Now, When?

A lot can get better by fully diving in and doing sincere therapy work. You can see your relationships start to get better or at least start to make sense. You can improve the way you communicate with others and learn how to set healthy boundaries to keep your communication clear and meaningful. You can develop skills that will help you feel better and help you stay feeling better. You can grow your confidence and discover that you can deal with stuff that has been a roadblock for you prior. You no longer have to live at the mercy of your emotions.


I love to help people just like you learn the tools and skills they need to rediscover new hopes and sense of happiness. Therapy is not just about talking. Together, we will discover the roots of your worries and sorrows. You will learn simple tools to help release anxiety and sadness and end the cycle of invasive, unhelpful thinking. 

In the counseling process, we take one step at a time. The first step, the hardest step, may be making the call or email to get help. Take some time for yourself today to consider this courage and take this first small step towards self-care and wellness for you. Give yourself permission to grow and heal through the therapy process. Reaching out can be the first step to healing. Together, we can regain your life.

Feel ready to take the first step? Call me directly at 865-809-3488 and we will have a quick conversation to see if we are a good fit and if so, schedule our first session together.

What I Specialize In



Women's Issues/ Perinatal

infertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum)

Self Acceptance/ Self Esteem

Anxiety and Panic

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